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About Rishikesh Yogi Ashram

Rishikesh Yogi Ashram: Rishikesh is capital of yoga. Yogi spelled Jogi, A Yogi is a person who practicing the philosophy from many years. Yogi is a male master practitioner of yoga and Yogini is a female master practitioner of yoga. Ashram is a the place where a spiritual or guru and yoga practioners live to find spiritual peace and tranquility.

Rishikesh Yogi Ashram is a place where you will enhance your yoga knowledge to unite your body and mind for attaining the highest level of yoga that is called as” Samadhi” Enlightenment.

Rishikesh Yogi Ashram is situated at the birth place of yoga, Rishikesh.

Rishikesh Yogi Ashram is the place where we help sadhaka to find the way to get enlighten and we teach how one can be free from death and rebirth cycle, how you can improve your karma, how you can spread love and peace all over the world. We educate the students how to achieve their real goal of life and how to live a long and healthy life. That’s why we are here to help you to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual level through the stages/limbs of yoga.

Rishikesh Yogi Ashram provide 200,300,500 hours Yoga Teacher Training and different small yoga retreat courses, to spread the yoga all over the world, to spread the peace in world, to teach people from different culture how to live healthy and happy life.

“Rishikesh Yogi Ashram” is registered with “INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND YOGA ALLIANCE”. We will provide a certificate to the student after successful completion of the course.

During the courses Rishikesh Yogi Ashram provide:

1) Experienced and co-operative teachers who can share the right and sufficient knowledge during the course.

2) Study material for course.

3) Yoga hall, Yoga mats and belts to practice asana, meditation and pranayama.

4) Jal Neti pot for Jal Neti practice and sutra or rubber string for SturaNeti for practice.

5) Accommodation for relaxing between the classes and after completing the daily classes.

6) Healthy food which is easy to digest with proper nutrients which can help you to be energetic during the classes.

7) Healthy and safe environment.

8) Yoga courses certificate.

Why the Rishikesh Yogi Ashram is the one you’ve been looking for so long?

Friendly and Homely Ambiance: We, at Rishikesh Yogi Ashram, truly offer an amiable environment where students can make themselves comfortable just like home. All the Yoga teachers’ behavior and attitude is down to earth, very much cooperative and they respond to every need of the students. We value each and every student, teach them like our children and will never back down until they are trained well to qualify for the Yoga instructor certification.

Easy Yoga Teacher Training Lessons: The Rishikesh Yogi Ashram offers a well-crafted Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. After the completion of the training, a student will be given a Certificate of Yoga teacher training and thus he or she can teach Yoga anywhere in the world. All the lessons and practical Yoga training are done in a systematic manner such that a student can grab everything easily.

We are registered under Yoga Alliance, USA and Central Government of India. We have successfully trained many American, European and Australian students in the art of Yoga and Meditation, and many of them have become well established Yoga teachers in their country. We are the most popular destination of those looking for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

World Class Yoga Teachers: Our teachers are highly talented and cooperative, and they have many years of experience in different Yoga schools in India and abroad. They have positive energy and attitude on teaching and always strive to guide students to reach their dreams of becoming a true Yoga teacher.

Unique Teaching style: Our teaching style always motivates, enhances, and encourages the students to get the best out of our Yoga Teacher Training Course. We explain and encourage all students to learn the Asanas (Yoga postures) step by step and gradually master all the advanced Asanas at the end of the course. Moreover, we also articulate the benefits and relevant knowledge associated with the Yoga postures such that they too can teach their students well in the future.

Simple and Comfortable Accommodation: As students get enrolled in our Yoga instructor training course, it is very important for us to arrange for a healthy accommodation to make them feel like home. We have here neat and clean rooms with attached bathroom, clean bed sheets, blanket, towel, hand wash soap and other sanitizer, and more importantly a safe and secured environment. If you need specific comfort in your accommodation, please feel free to contact the lead teacher before registration.

Fresh Food and Safe Drinking Water: We, at the Rishikesh Yogi Ashram provides nutritious and healthy food, and we believe in the concept that if we have a balanced diet then our body and mind will become harmonized, and that our cognitive abilities will become more robust and performant to reach the Yoga Teacher Training Certification. For that purpose, we always serve fresh and healthy food, easy to digest and that make the body thrive in all health and light. Our lead teacher worked as a chef in different five star hotels so he is planning everything about menus and is more focused on food quality.

Perfect Place to Practice Yoga: The Rishikesh Yogi Ashram is situated in the holly and spiritual place of Rishikesh from where yoga came to light. The Rishikesh Yogi Ashram has a very beautiful view on the Himalayas mountain range. We have our students practicing in the heart of nature i.e. on river stream, on fresh green grass etc.

Affordable and Comfortable Price:The charges involved in courses are affordable and comparatively lower than other Yoga Schools in India. Thus, here you can find the cheapest Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the world.

Discipline: The Rishikesh Yogi Ashram has a set of rules and regulations. The presence of rules and regulations has an important role to enhance our spiritual, mental and physical levels. This further helps in bringing peace and harmony in the school’s ambiance.

Safety and Security: We, at theRishikesh Yogi Ashram is very careful about the safety and the security of the students, and we always endeavor to make the surroundings and the internal environment safe and secured for students, so that they will feel good and comfortable in the school and they can have more focus on Yoga sadhana to achieve the actual goal of their lives.

Safety and Security are an integral part of our Yoga Teacher Training program.

Medical facilities: The Rishikesh Yogi Ashram has effective medical facilities in case of any unprecedented medical condition. We have contact with prominent doctors who are available 24*7 to take care of any student who falls sick. Thus it is clear we take care of every aspects of our students’ progress and make sure they feel healthy and relaxed. We will organize the medication facilities on demand.

Our Food and Accommodation

Food : Rishikesh Yogi Ashram provide 3 times meals everyday during the course. Ashram is totally aware about food menu and food quality. We use totally fresh ingredients for preparing the food items. We have options for vegan and raw vegan also and we are happy to provide the raw and vegan food.

Breakfast will be fresh fruits/ fruits salad/ different toast with organic jam or peanut butter. Drinks will be in breakfast fresh fruit juices/ herbal teas/Indian style chai.

Lunch will be any fresh soup, vegetable in main course according to the season of vegetables or Indian food (vegetables sabzi/pulses, rice, chapatti, yoghurt).Herbal tea/ Indian chai.

Dinner will be fresh soup, vegetables dish in main course according to the season of vegetables or Indian food (vegetables subzi/pulses, rice, chapatti). Herbal tea/ Indian style chai.

When you will be in school then you will be able to see the actual menu and we try our best to provide a hygienic and healthy food.

Accommodation: Accommodation is very important for everyone after attending a full day training and everyone wants to have a comfortable accommodation so we try our best to provide a neat and clean room with window so that you can have fresh air from Himalayas and attached bathroom.

You will have :

1. One neat and clean room with window and attached bathroom.
2. One neat and clean double bed with two pillows and one or two blankets. ( if you are sharing your room then you will have one single bed, one pillow and one blanket).
3. One cupboard or rack to keep your stuff.
4. One table and chair for studies.
5. One electric fan for ventilation.
6. One hand wash liquid.
7. One hand sanitizer.
8. One body soap.
9. Tissue paper.

About Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the capital of yoga. It’s a small and beautiful city which is situated in beginning of the Himalayas and surrounded by Himalayan Mountain. It is very famous places in the world to study and practice yoga because Yoga has been originated in the holy city known as Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is a city where you find nature at its best and nature helps us to overcome mental and physical pressures which we are facing in our daily lives and provides us the atmosphere to connect with real self. It is absolutely a right place where we can relax our mind, body and soul, which takes us to attain the spiritual experiences.

Rishikesh is a famous ancient and holy spiritual city, where you will get the path for visiting the four holy places of the upper Himalayas; Yamunotri ( The Yamuna river water is from here), Gangotri(The Ganga water is coming from here ), Kedarnath (Lord Shiva Temple 6000 years old temple) and Badrinath(Lord Vishnu Temple 500 years old) and welcomes you first before entering the “heaven” in the Himalayas.

Seven Rishi’s (Rishi is one who is seeing and having the knowledge),Many swamis (ascetics, yogi monks), Sadhus (Hindu ascetics), Yogis (practitioner of yoga), are crossing the holly city rishikesh on their way to the upper Himalayas and some are settled in the holly city Rishikesh and sharing their knowledge. There are number of temples you can find in Rishikesh, lots of hindu priests came to rishikesh for worshipping the Goddess. One can witness the sacred cultures of hindu priests where will chant the holi mantras and doing worship of GOD, while people are offering flowers to the holy Ganga river and having bath in “The holly Ganga”.

Rishikesh has two famous bridges one is Laxmanjhulla, and the other is Ramjhulla; Easy walk give a wonderful views of the holly Ganges and surrounding mountains.

Rishikesh is a beautiful green city, which has many animals and wild life. It is Very close to the Rajaji National park. It is a outdoor sports city also, a lot of tourist visit Rishikesh to do bungee jump, trekking, camping, bike riding and rafting.

The Holly Ganaga River

The holy ganga water is coming from Gangotri . The water changes its color in the winter season to a pure Emerald gemstone green, when the sunlight is reflected. The holly Ganges crossing the holly city Rishikesh so it has bank and small beaches of the holly ganga. The holy Ganges spreads it’s beauty on the holly city Rishikesh and make it more positive and energetic , with the Himalayas . People take bath in the holly Ganges during summer as well as in winder also. This bath gives strength to body, provides peace of mind and allows the soul to enjoy. Every morning you can enjoy the fresh breeze with a beautiful sound, which gives an amazing joy. The Bank of Ganga has the peepal tree (Ficusreligiosa), under which many sadhus do their tapasya (deep meditation, in an effort to achieve self-realization and austerities.