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    Yogi Sandeep Atri

  • Speciality:

    Lead Teacher

  • Experience:

    8+ Years

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What you eat your body become same! What you think your mind become same! So eat healthy and think positive!


Yogi Sandeep Atri was born near kurushetra ,Haryana which is the land of Mahabharta(A place where Krishna briefed path of truth to his discipleArjuna via "The Bhagwat Geeta'). His first master was his mother. She is follower of Bhakti Yoga. So Yogi Sandeep Atri was learned path of yoga in childhood time from his mother and other family members because all are devotes of God. He is the spiritual speaker and very keen to learn and teach yoga so he is always travelling around in Himalayas and other places to enhance his skills. His pallynature bring him close to many spiritual Gurus and he learned multiple techniques of meditation/Yoga in congruence of these spiritual Gurus. He has goodknowledge of meditation spirituality mind, Asana, Yoga philosophy, Self-healing and Stress management. A man who used his tremendous knowledge ofhotels and yoga retreat inAyurvedic raw detoxic, Indian and different cuisines. He is trying to cure and held people recover from different diseases with the help of food and yoga practices. He has knowledge of yogic diet which actually helps to improve our yogic life because he believes what we eat our body and mind becomes same. He loves to teach yoga to children and having an aim to open Yoga ashram forupcoming generation where they can learn Yoga,Ayurveda, Vedas, Sanskrit and different languages from early age which makes Good Yogis who can spread peace, love and paths of yoga all over the world.

Qualification: He did masters of yoga from Haridwar and he is ERYT 500. He did many small certificate course related to yoga. He is honored with professional degree in Hotel Management and M.B.A.as well.